Is it a BIRD?! IS it a PLANE?! Nope. It’s the remarkable designer and concept artist Tim Zarki. And those of you who’ve met him understand that this is a perfectly acceptable introduction for the man.

Tim Zarki is a tour de force when it comes to computer graphics. Whether we’re talking industrial design, motion, graphic design, UI/UX, or generative design, Tim has the incredible technical ability and creative flexibility to take on complex real-world design problems and deliver a quality product without having to compromise on originality.

Tim graduated from the acclaimed industrial design program at the University of Cincinnati and worked as Design and Advanced Visualization Lead for MNML — a design studio based in San Francisco, California — for several years before joining the Oculus VR team.

As Tim became more proficient with the tools of the industrial design industry, he devoted much of his time to broaden his horizons.

Now, by crossing over to the entertainment industry, the assimilation of new skills — be it GPU rendering with Octane or Redshift, generative design with Houdini, or motion design using Cinema 4D and After Effects — have reinforced his ability to better drive the form of his products and narrative that permeates them.

In ‘Industrial Design Foundations’, Tim will teach you to bring realism and functionality to your creations. By the end of it, you’ll have the ability to observe the products that make up the world around us with a critical eye, understand the process responsible for their creation, and apply that knowledge to elevate your work. Begin your journey at

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