Meet the Winners

We’re delighted to have handed out our first-ever Student Homework Awards, and we wanted to give you a closer look at the winners of the 4 distinct categories based on our course Dynamic Concept Art I. And a special shoutout to instructor Louis Laurent who went through ALL the homework to select these four brilliant winners.


Imaginative World Building – For the Artist who demonstrates an unparalleled ability to prepare an unforgettable world within their artwork.

WINNER Martin Grasso

Judge Louis Laurent says: It’s always impressive when students take the time to create a solid outline for their work. Martin did an awesome job with this planning and sketching phase, clearly putting in a lot of thought and effort. I also loved how consistent this plan was from start to finish- it was a treat to compare this first lesson’s homework to the final results later in the course. I’m excited to see where Martin’s creativity will lead next!

See the full project.


Creativity in Asset Design – when most artists zig, this artist zags. Their highly unique assets go above and beyond.

WINNER Ivor Tosic

Judge Louis Laurent says: Ivor did an excellent job creating assets that are visually engaging, memorable, and, most importantly, complimentary to the overall story! It’s not easy to create something so balanced, but I think Ivor nailed it! I loved seeing how these assets were eventually implemented in the final paintings as well. Such hard work and dedication to the craft really paid off, and it’s clear that Ivor put a lot of heart into this project. Keep up the great work!

See the full project.


Excellence in Set Design – The third dimension is no match for this artist. They have created a breathtaking 3D Space for their story.

WINNERAlan Albiach

Judge Louis Laurent says: Alan did a great job creating a set that really fit the project’s story. This harmony between narrative and visuals helps to elevate the work overall. Lighting and camera placement present the set in an immersive way, and Alan nailed the scale, mood, depth and texture. It really feels like we’re a part of this universe! I’m excited to see what kinds of creative projects Alan does in the future.

See the full project.


Distinguished Paintover Award – Not satisfied simply sticking to their 3D render, this artist’s work reached new heights during the final paintover phase of the process.

WINNERAlexis Vynckier

Judge Louis Laurent says: It’s clear that a lot of time, effort, and love went into these paintovers, and I think Alexis can be very proud. The results speak for themselves. The value control is spot-on, making the different paintings easy to read, graphic, and iconic. I was also impressed with the progression from the previous lesson, seeing how the original 3D renders were really pushed to the next level. All the shots look highly cinematic, with nice color grading contributing to a moody, atmospheric feel. Awesome work, Alexis!

See the full project.

Congratulations to all involved!

A huge thank you to all our participants who completed homework during this award season. It was incredibly tough to pick the winners, and we are incredibly proud of the work you put in. Ultimately we hope the growth you’ve made doing the homework will reap the rewards for you and then some. See for the next one.

Dynamic Concept Art I with Louis Laurent

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