Hop aboard and grab yourself some professional Feedback.

TL;DR Version

Mentorships are evolving into Feedback. Simply put, it’s professional feedback on-demand. Pay only for the lessons you want feedback on, whenever you’re ready.Pablo Dominguez will be the only Mentor during Beta, so quantity is very limited. Soon there will be a pool of Learn Squared-certified artists to give Feedback 24/7.GET FEEDBACK HERE

During beta, Feedback is only available for Vehicle Concept Art. In the future, Feedback will be available for all courses, and beyond.
During this Beta stage, we’re ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS to become a Learn Squared certified Mentor. Get paid to help out your fellow artists!Feedback is much more flexible than our old Mentorships. It’s also more affordable, and easier for students and mentors alike!We’re aiming to exit Beta and launch this feature in Q2 of 2021. We plan to have additional beta rounds til then, so stay tuned!

This new system is time-independent, and you’re guaranteed high-quality Feedback within 7 days!

Have an insane schedule? Flexibility is what you need.

Hey, what’s happening?

Want to get the most out of your Learn Squared lessons and make sure that the homework you worked so hard on is the best that it can be before it lands in your portfolio?

Feedback – Learn Squared’s newest feature – is built exactly for this purpose, and it’s intended to replace our long-standing Mentorships format!

Artwork by Learn Squared Student turned Instructor – Tim Zarki. Who was an Apprentice for Ash Thorp

Why Do this?

We’ve loved the impact our Mentorships have had. The plethora of students that have gone on to forge fantastic careers is a testament to the impact that learning directly from a professional can have.

However, Mentorships also required students from around the world to appear for pre-scheduled meetings far outside of their timezone, demanded that they finish their homework on often unrealistic timeframes, and could be prohibitively expensive when purchasing an entire course of mentorship. This new system is time-independent, much more affordable, and you’re guaranteed high-quality Feedback within 7 days on only the lessons you choose!

The new format makes everything much more accessible for everyone (instructors and Mentors included) and ultimately improves the quality of the homework experience across the board.

Make sure that the homework you world so hard on is the best that it can be before it lands in your portfolio?

Impactful work is everything!
Rushil Kejriwal’s amazing artwork after applying professional feedback from Instructor Steve Wang.

How Does It Work?

When you’ve completed a lesson on Learn Squared, upload your Homework, request some Feedback, and we’ll get you a professional Feedback video with paint-overs and guidance within 7 days. It’s that simple. No schedule, no rush. Just great feedback, when you need it.


If you are only looking for guidance on a specific lesson’s assignment, our new Feedback system enables you to request guidance on whichever lessons you want. Sign up per-lesson, and once this feature exits Beta, you’ll be able to get Feedback in a bundle to save on the entire learning journey!

3D Generalist John O’Connell created this Matte Painting after Professional Feedback from Maxx Burman.

Now, when your dream studio is looking at your portfolio you can rest knowing that your absolute best is in there.

Use Feedback to your advantage.

What are the benefits?

Here’s a quick example of how Feedback’s can help you.
Under our traditional Mentorship setup, there was sometimes very little lead time to get your homework finished before the Mentorship session. Or things were going great until some extra work fell in your lap, or something urgent came which really threw you off your flow.

These roadblocks would impact students’ ability to absorb the teachings and thus getting the most accurate feedback from the Professional Mentor.

Now with the new Feedback system, you can request it when you are ready, right after you have absorbed every ounce of the lesson you need the most help on.

This way, the feedback you receive from your Professional Mentor will be more targeted, more valuable, and something you can apply to your project ensuring it is primed for your portfolio. Now, when your dream studio is looking at your portfolio you can rest knowing that your absolute best is in there.

Furthermore, let’s say you wish to spend more time on a particular lesson because it’s a topic you really want to conquer or it’s proving to be a bit of an uphill battle. Our old Mentorship format meant no lessons are re-visited. Our new format means you can request Feedback on a lesson multiple times. Again for the same reason mentioned earlier, this will ensure your work is the best that it can possibly be.

Vehicle Concept Art w Pablo Dominguez will be the first to offer Homework Feedbacks.

When Can I get some Feedback?

Technically RIGHT NOW! Though as its a BETA feature we are still tightening some bolts and testing the warp drive but we’re rolling it out for Vehicle Concept Art students firstly, at a manageable quantity. But eventually, we’ll smoothly roll it out to other courses, and beyond.

Reach out to us if you have any feedback of your own.

Become a Mentor and Get Paid

Think you’ve got what it takes to provide your fellow artists with Feedback? Apply to become a Mentor today, and if you’re approved, you’ll be entered into our roster of Learn Squared certified Mentors, where you’ll earn (very good) money for each Feedback video you provide. Help out your fellow artists and get paid for the hard work and knowledge you’re providing!

Speaking of Feedback…

We always have an open ear for our community to offer the own suggestion and ideas to improve the Learn Squared platform so it’s even better. Please let us know what you think of this new Feedback system by completing this one-question survey here:


Sign up at www.learnsquared.com, and learn from the best.