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The Sequence Bundle – 2D sequence Illustration taught by Patrick O’Keefe and 3D Sequence Illustration taught by Nick Hiatt are two distinct & complementary approaches to telling visual stories. And as a sequence illustration’s purpose is to visualize the script and flesh out worlds the story exists in having the knowledge these courses offer under your belts is invaluable.

Which is why we are permanently dropping the price of this bundle of courses by 20% FOREVER!

And if you’d prefer to grab a specific course instead then we’ve got you covered too as both courses have also been discounted individually as well.

Patrick O’Keefe was an Art Director on Spider-Man into the Spider-Verse.
2D Sequence Illustration w Patrick O’Keefe will teach you how to art direct yourself and more.

Tell us more about the courses in the Sequence Bundle?

2D Sequence Illustration gives you a workflow tried and tested by Patrick O’Keefe on the Academy Award-Winning Spider-Man intro the Spider-Verse, which Patrick served as an Art Director on.

Not only do you learn artistic techniques using only Photoshop but you learn how to art direct yourself and, perhaps more importantly, pick up behaviors and traits that are vital and paramount within the industry.

Nick Hiatt’s impressive resume includes work on Destiny 2.
3D Sequence Illustration w Nick Hiatt teaches you how to build sets that you can re-use.

3D Sequence Illustration taught by Nick Hiatt contains a workflow he uses on huge projects to get the job done with techniques that maximize all that 3D has to offer. But done in a way where you can begin knowing no 3D at all and finish being able to exploit 3D to your will and without having to know any complicated terms, methods, and troubleshooting. Oh, and you are able to use any software you want or prefer.

Make that leap and forge an amazing career – just like the character in this Sequence Illustration from Nick Hiatt.

I’d love to learn more about the instructors.

For this we have you covered as we have hosted these two fine artists on our Podcast. Not only can you learn about how and why they built their respective courses – but you’ll also get a deep insight into their beginnings in the industry, their struggles along the way, and some all-important industry advice. Check out their episodes below.

Run and get your learn on with 3D Sequence Illustration w Nick Hiatt
Dodge the creative traffic and start your 2D Sequence Illustration journey with Patrick O’Keefe

Both are hustlers supreme and their careers speak for themselves and they now have laid out their entire process ready for you to absorb and conquer the industry.
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