Episode 24 – Greg Rutkowski

The Learn Squared Podcast – Episode 24: Greg Rutkowski

The Legendary Greg Rutkowski joins us for this wide-ranging podcast episode which has it all. From his journey to joining the Learn Squared family as the instructor for our Paint Like The Masters course to how it all began for him and how he has ridden all the highs and lows since. We also get candid insight into how Greg forged his iconic traditional painting style in Photoshop and so much more.

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Learn From Greg

Learn From Greg Rutkowski
Make Your Own Masterpiece

Get ready to paint your very own masterpiece. By studying the timeless works of the Old Masters, you will learn under the guidance of modern master Greg Rutkowski to create beautiful, classical-style paintings of your very own. Sketch, color, light, and create details that even Michelangelo would be proud of. DaVinci didn’t have an Undo button at his disposal, so just imagine what you can do with that kind of advantage!

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