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This interview is part of a series highlighting some of the most inspiring student stories from the Learn Squared community and how their learning experience transformed their artistic pursuits. Read more Student Stories.

David Tilton was one of the very first students to join Learn Squared in November of 2015, eagerly signing up for mentorship from concept art legend Jama Jurabaev. From early on in the mentorship, it was plain to see David’s skills were something special and under Jama’s guidance, his artwork went from really good to truly great. David now works as a full-time concept artist at Rooster Teeth in Austin, TX.

Why did you choose Learn Squared?

I chose to go with Learn Squared for many reasons. The talent that is teaching on the platform are among the industry’s best and for a pretty affordable price. What got me really interested in Learn Squared though was the option to do mentorships, which are really invaluable to growth artistically and can push you to that next level given the right circumstances. At the time I took these courses, mentorships weren’t really a prevalent thing offered online, so having that opportunity, it made sense to jump on it Immediately. 

“Learn Squared gives me the freedom and flexibility to learn from the best in the industry at my own pace. “

David Tilton
Which courses have you taken and why?

I’ve taken 2 courses with Learn Squared, Intro to 3D Concept Design and Narrative Concept Art, both with Jama Jurabaev.  I had a chance to do a mentorship with Jama for his first class intro to 3D Concept Design. This class was what pushed my work to the next level, and probably gave me the leverage to get where I am today. The class was super helpful and gave a great foundation for using 3D-Coat in a production setting and just a general love for 3D as a medium to design in. Along with that, the students in the class were great to network and learn with, and are people I still talk to today.

Becoming a Professional Artist | Learn Squared
How have those courses helped you?

The courses helped expand my design thinking and storytelling capacity when it came to image making. A lot of the times beforehand I would have trouble creating a long term personal project, since I didn’t have the necessary skill set needed nor the story telling mindset behind image making locked down. Now I do and it makes both work and personal projects easier to tackle. Having that sort of thought process behind the work you do is paramount in this industry. A Lot of people who are starting out believe that only showing pretty pictures will get you a job, but a lot of it comes down to being able to present your thought process and design thinking in your portfolio along with the polished works. 

Did you take a course for work or for fun?

I took these  courses for a bit of both. At the time I was still searching for my first job in the industry along with still trying to find where I wanted to take my art. These courses helped a ton with that. They allowed me to solidify the direction I wanted to go in.  

What’s the next course you’d be interested in taking?

I’m currently looking at taking the World building course with Paul Chadiesson. It looks like a great course to expand my design knowledge and help with some of the personal projects I’m currently working on. 

What’s your favorite part of Learn Squared?

Learn Squared gives me the freedom and flexibility to learn from the best in the industry at my own pace. 

From David’s Narrative Concept Art mentorship
Have any job opportunities arisen out of skills or practices you learned through Learn Squared?

My first couple of jobs actually came from utilizing the knowledge I gained by taking courses through Learn Squared. The courses provide a great foundation for anyone looking to get into the industry, especially now when knowing many techniques is valued.

Thanks, David!

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