Santa’s Workshop

During our 12 Days of Xmas event last year, we also held our End of Year Contest which was also our first major community-wide challenge. We asked participants to help Santa renovate his workshop and we’ve been super impressed by all the entries. IT was clear the effort everyone put into their submissions and also the diversity of the entries that they all came up with. It was tough for the Learn Squared judging team to pick their winners for sure.

Speaking of the judging team we at Learn Squared HQ were assisted some guest judges in form of Learn Squared instructors Maciej Kuciara and Steve Wang who helped us run the rule over these Santa’s Workshop-themed submissions and we’d like to extend a special thank you to them.

The Challenge

Before we get to the winners here’s a recap of the brief that we set:

Santa’s renovating his workshop and needs your help with some sweet ideas. Santa wants you to design some cool new stuff for his workshop. So whatever that means to you, whether it’s an environment concept, some cool gadgets, a cyborg reindeer, an Elf HUD, or absolutely anything else you can imagine that Santa might want, he wants to see it! 


1st Place – Niilo Kämäräinen – Santas Information Center

Santa’s Information Center by Niilo Kamarainen

1st Place Niilo Kämäräinen – Santas Information Center

Niilo’s interpretation of the brief led to this fabulous information center which is the fulcrum of Santa’s entire operation. Though we love how Niilo intentionally designed it to not bring unwanted intention to its fictional surroundings, Niilo has successfully ensured its readability in the composition which exudes wintery goodness. Congrats Niilo and check out his work here.

2nd Place – Aditya Vikram Sengupta – Vixen 217, Production Facility and Data Center

2nd Place – Aditya Vikram Sengupta – Vixen 217, Power Station and Data Center

We think Aditya worked harder than any of Santa’s helpers ever have after creating a narrative of his take on Santa’s Workshop across 3 images. We were impressed by this modern and considered take which includes a handy Data Center, Power Station, and the epic Vixen-217! Check out more of Aditya’s work here.

3rd Amir Borghei – Santa’s Toxic Workplace

Santa’s Toxic Workplace by Amir Borghei

3rd Amir Borghei – Santa’s Toxic Workplace

Amir took the brief and gave it a darker spin whilst using the pandemic and the events of 2020 as a backdrop. After all, Santa’s having to work from home but production is still required to be at full capacity gas masks and all as Santa may be at home but he’s still watching! See more of Amir’s work here.

Congratulations to Niilo, Aditya, and Amir, and a huge thank you to everyone who participated we loved every entry. Stay tuned for more challenges in the near future and remember all Learn Squared students can take part in our regular challenges via our Discord server.

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