Say goodbye to blank canvas syndrome as the is in town!

We’ve built an awesome new tool that will help you kickstart your projects and create amazing art by ensuring you have an amazing brief to build up from. Simply bookmark and it’s all yours.

How does it work?

Load up and hit generate brief and off you go! There are currently over 1 million combinations to choose from.

Watch this quick start guide and get creating.

Watch our Quick Start Guide

Why did we make this?

The Brief Builder has been a reliable tool that we’ve used in our courses for a number of years now after making its first appearance in Creature Design with Milan Nikolic. It was designed both as a mechanism to jumpstart our student’s projects, break down roadblocks, and show that the skills you learn whilst taking our courses can be applied to any brief!

In our Unreal Environments course create any real time world with the

Looking for something custom?

Then we’ve got you covered! Take a look at the different things you can do below:

Any Categories that don’t fit your project? All you’ve got to do is select the category in question and either change it out, or remove it! Hit the minus icon to remove any columns that don’t quite fit the brief you’re looking for.

Want more control? Like some but not all of the prompts the has generated? Hit the Padlock on the categories you like and generate again until you’re happy with what you’ve got.

Looking for a preset? – Click on the dropdown menu and see prompts that link to some of our courses. We’ve got big plans for integrating the Brief Builder deeper into the learning experience.

In Designing Better Characters w Wouter Gort you can unlimited iteration combined with the Brief Builder.

Stay tuned!

This is just the beginning of our journey and you are right here with us at the very start. We will be adding more categories and more prompts as well as a few other tricks up our sleeves to help make your artistic journey the best it can be.

Vehicle Concept Art with Pablo Dominguez followed a Bounty Hunter theme

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