Episode 17 – Maxx Burman

The Learn Squared Podcast – Episode 17: Maxx Burman

Maxx Burman Returns for his Second Learn Squared course Advanced Matte Painting. And in this episode, we learn more about what went into the class, Maxx’s journey as an artist and the pitfalls and mountains he had to climb, life as an entrepreneur plus much more.

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Industry legend Maxx Burman commands over a decade’s worth of experience, having delivered iconic matte paintings for TV, film, and video games on projects such as Iron Man 3, Game of Thrones, Westworld, and DOZENS more. His journey has also seen him wear many hats including art director, game developer, educator, and co-founder of the now industry-standard Kitbash 3D. In his brand new course from Learn Squared, Maxx will teach you all of his advanced 3D matte painting techniques which will help you create stunning worlds with ease and efficiency.

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